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About CASA

Established by Willie Seim in 1968 with about 100 players on about 10 teams, CASA has grown to over 750 players on 65 teams. The league opened on the two soccer fields in Glidden Park and about three years later the association moved to three soccer fields on McDonough Lake Road. The soccer park, later named Van Fossan Fields, has grown to eight fields.

Players start at age 4 in the Tots program that has 90-100 kids playing on co-ed teams, the only such teams in CASA. Girls can play in the program until age 14 and boys until age 13.

CASA holds monthly Board meetings. Contact the board for time and date.


Derrek Detjens

Vice President
Dan Stephens

Rob Pickerell

Christina Burke

Boys Coordinator
Jeremy Tevebaugh

Girls Coordinator
Richard Brakebill

Tots Coordinator
Dan Clark

Registration Coordinator
Todd Fischer